Rodents can be a significant nuisance when they invade our homes or businesses. They can cause damage to property and even pose health risks to humans through the transmission of diseases. Fortunately, there are effective solutions available to control these pesky pests, and Titan Pasta and Titan Pellets are leading the way in second-generation rodenticides.

Titan Pasta and Titan Pellets are two innovative products designed specifically for the eradication of mice and rats. These second-generation rodenticides offer a potent and efficient way to eliminate rodent infestations with minimal hassle.

Efficient Killing Action

One of the key features of Titan Pasta and Titan Pellets is their ability to achieve rapid results with a single feeding. Unlike some traditional baits that might require multiple feedings to be effective, Titan products typically result in the death of the target species within 3-4 days of ingestion. This delayed action ensures that all members of the rodent colony have the opportunity to consume the bait, as rats are known for their intelligence and ability to avoid tainted food sources.

Odor Reduction

Another standout feature of Titan rat baits is their ability to work from the inside out, effectively exterminating rats and mice while minimizing unpleasant odors. After death, the rodents are dried out, reducing odor by as much as 90%. This is a crucial benefit for anyone concerned about the aftermath of rodent control efforts.

Placement Matters

The below image is helpful to use as a guide to know where to effectively and exactly place your Titan Pasta and Titan Pellets baits and quickly capture rodents and mice upon entry.

For effective rodent control, strategic placement of bait pellets is key. Titan Pasta and Titan Pellets offer powerful solutions to combat mouse and rat infestations. To maximize their efficiency, place bait pellets into shallow trays and alternate their placement with other rodent control devices in areas showing signs of rodent activity. Look for oily rub marks, droppings, potential points of entry, or near feeding places as indicators. By strategically positioning Titan Pasta and Titan Pellets alongside other control methods, you create a comprehensive defense against unwanted pests, ensuring a pest-free environment for your home or business.

Proper Use and Precautions

When using Titan baits, it’s essential to follow the recommended directions. Typically, you should use 15-30 grams of bait every 3-5 meters, depending on the level of infestation. To avoid contaminating the bait with human odors, always wear gloves when handling it. Furthermore, Titan baits should be strategically placed out of sight from domestic animals to prevent unintended consumption.

Titan Pasta and Titan Pellets offer an effective and efficient solution for rodent control. With their delayed-action formula, odor-reducing properties, and innovative design, they are a valuable addition to any pest control strategy.

Say goodbye to rodent woes with Titan baits! 

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