Rodent infestations can create chaos in homes and indoor places, making effective pest control solutions a top priority. Titan Wax Blocks, available in 4gr, 10gr, and 20gr sizes, have emerged as a powerful tool against mice and rats. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Titan Wax Blocks an excellent choice for rodent control.

Above-Ground Attraction

One of the standout features of Titan Wax Blocks is their design with a hole in the middle. This design serves a very important purpose. First, it allows for easy insertion into feeding stations, making it convenient for pest control professionals and homeowners alike. Second, their innovative design addresses another common issue: bait theft. Rats are notorious for grabbing bait and running away with it, rendering your pest control efforts ineffective. Titan Wax Blocks can thus be hung 10 cm above the ground, increasing the likelihood of rats taking a bite as they are more attracted to baits placed above the ground

Effective Results

Titan Wax Blocks are part of the second generation of rodenticides, known for their efficiency in achieving results. Typically, these baits require only a single feeding to result in the death of the target rodent species within 3-4 days of ingestion. This delayed action ensures that all members of the rodent colony have an opportunity to ingest the bait, reducing the chances of bait shyness among intelligent rats.

Proper Usage and Safety

To maximize the effectiveness of Titan Wax Blocks, it is crucial to follow the recommended directions for use. Generally, 15-30 grams of bait should be distributed every 3-5 meters, depending on the level of infestation. Always remember to wear gloves when handling these poisonous baits to avoid contaminating them with human odors. Additionally, ensure that the Titan Wax Blocks are not visible to domestic animals to prevent unintended consumption.

Titan Wax Blocks are an efficient solution for rodent control. Their above-ground attraction, anti-theft design, and delayed-action formula make them a valuable asset in your battle against rodent infestations. 

With Titan Wax Blocks, you can take control of your pest problem and maintain a rodent-free environment!

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